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Let us help you check your Tinnitus now!

How to test your Tinnitus online - let’s get started!
With your headphones on, the volume set to 50 % and with no distracting elements around you, you are ready to take the online tinnitus  test.

Click on the ‘take the online tinnitus  test’ button and you will be asked to answer four simple questions about how you feel about your tinnitus in various situations. You’ll then be asked to listen to some sounds through your headphones and give feedback on what you hear. Don’t worry – these sounds are not noisy and you will not feel any discomfort.

1. Answer the all tinnitus questions
2. Listen to the sounds and answer whether you can hear the sounds
3. Learn if you should seek further assistance

Get ready for the online Tinnitus test for a more accurate result

Sit in a quiet place

Wear headphones

Set your volume to 50%

White Noise

Brown Noise

Pink Noise

Purple Noise

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